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Since September of 2016, when Tim Cook and Shigeru Miyamoto took the stage at Apple’s annual Keynote to announce the arrival of Super Mario on mobile devices, the hype surrounding Super Mario Run, the first game for smartphones and tablets developed by Nintendo, hasn’t stopped growing.

The highest moment came in December when, after several months of wait, iOS users were finally allowed to download the game to their iPhones and iPads. And ever since then, we’ve all asked ourselves the same question: when will the Android version be out? Well, the wait is over because there’s no need to pre-register on Google Play to receive notifications about the release of Super Mario Run for Android: it’s here and for free. It has met the deadlines foreseen and since March of 2017, it’s available for download. So forget about borrowing your mate’s iPhone or watching mouth-watering gameplays on YouTube because you now can play it on your very own device.

What is Super Mario Run for Android like?

Well, since we can download Nintendo’s latest hit, leaving Pokémon GO and the portable game console Switch to one side, we can stop trying to imagine what it’s going to be like and try out all its features by ourselves.

In the first place, and following suit to the iOS version, it’s a free-to-download game, although that ‘free’ isn’t totally true because we’ll have to make an in-app purchase to get hold of the full game. Therefore, to play all 24 levels, we’ll have to pay a price just under 10 euros.

Super Mario Run for Android costs the same as the iPhone version. Or what did you expect?

How to play this endless runner is identical to iPhone. We can move the most famous plumber in video gaming history around with just one hand, making him run and jump in search of his beloved Princess Peach, while we collect coins on our way, as well as playing the other game modes available, as explained below.

Once you purchase the 24 levels of the 6 worlds, you’ll be able to unlock new characters to play with: Luigi, Yoshi, and Toadette. They move differently to Mario so you’ll have to learn new controls. You’ll also find seven new types of levels, as well as more decorations and buildings for your kingdom to be able to expand it.

Three game modes

This version of Super Mario also comes along with the same three game modes available for iPhone and iPad:

  1. Word Tour: it’s the main mode in which we have to try to complete the 6 worlds of the game divided into 24 worlds to rescue Peach from Bowser, on a setting in which we can’t stop running or jumping.
  2. Toad Rally: it’s Super Mario Run’s multiplayer mode in which we can compete against friends and unknown users trying to beat their score with stylish moves and stunts in order to earn coins and Toads.
  3. Kingdom Builder: with the coins and Toads earned in the other two modes you can build yourself a totally customized world. It’s a free mode in which you can use up to 100 different elements to create and construct.

How to play?

There’s not much mystery to it, remember that it’s an endless runner and not a platformer and that it’s a Mario game. Therefore, you’ll run forward non-stop trying to avoid all sorts of enemies and obstacles tapping the screen to make the famous plumber jump.

Depending on how you press the screen the jumps will be longer or shorter, and on your way, you can collect coins, including five purpose ones on each level. Peach is waiting for you, so what are you waiting for to rescue her?

What’s new in the latest version

  • Fixes bugs and improves the playability.

 Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.2.
  • Offers in-app purchases.

So, this game is really a Super Mario game originated from years ago. As it has been mentioned earlier on, Mario will run automatically so that players will only need to focus on doing his signature springy leap as seen in its old game. That is one change in this game that surprisingly not really affecting it in a bad way. Over the courses of the game players can tap to do a quick hop, hold it a bit longer for a giant jump, ping off walls to go higher in zigzag movement, as well as spring off in enemies’ head, as well as stall in mid air to control the descent later on.

That is a slightly different formula to understand in which the game remains to be a fun game to play. In short, this latest version of this game is a kind of speed-runner game with only tapping and holding the button at the right time to get to the finish. Moreover the stages within this game have been designed properly by the designers to make sure that they look pretty awesome. The stages really match the fluidity of the game as well as the speed of it which is really fast for sure.

So, these are the main things about this new game from Nintendo within the pros and cons in general:


  • A game that is fun to play just as the old game
  • Graphical aspects of the entire game, especially the stages have been improved a lot better
  • Control interface is simple which is good for mobile gaming


  • Replay ability remains at the low level once it has been done and dusted
  • Learning each one of 24 levels is needed to really master it which could take time

How to Play

Despite of the fact that it is a simple game, it can be done better when knowing some of the tricks. Basically timing is everything when pressing the button to allow Mario to hop. It takes time to learn the perfect time so be sure to try out any possibility when playing a level. Do not try to be perfect on the first try since that may be hard. The feel, fluidity, depth, and imagination are all there in this game that does not need such high effort to really enjoy it from the very first time playing.


  • Implemented bug fixes.

After a spectacular start on iOS, Nintendo’s newest bet for mobile gaming is now available on Android. In Super Mario Run, you’ll finally enjoy all of Mario’s adventures for the first time ever with their official release on smartphones. 

The main difference in Super Mario Run in terms of the original game is that this time Mario runs automatically. So players focus on jumping and controlling his maneuvers like braking, heading left and right, as well as attacking and dodging bad guys. Beyond this modification, the essence is the same: our favorite plumber will have to collect coins and beat his opponents until he reaches the flag that marks the end of that level.

Super Mario Run has three playing modes: story mode in where you have to go ahead and overcome levels to save Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser. It also has a competition mode to face off against other players and another third option to create your own unique levels. Of course, in order to play you’ll need access to a stable internet connection.

In story mode, you’ll voyage through 6 different worlds and 24 levels. But only the first few levels are free. After a certain point you’ll have to make an in-app purchase in order to access new levels. Run and leap nonstop to rescue Princess Peach by advancing between hills, through caverns, in haunted mansions, on board air fortresses or deep within castles.

As for racing mode, you can brag to your friends and play against users from around the world. Try to beat other users’ scores, collect more coins, perform stunts with more style, and get more of Toad’s approval. If you’re really good enough, the Toads move to your kingdom. 

Not only that, but in Super Mario Run you’ll also have the option to create your own kingdom by placing buildings and other elements provided by the Toads who previously earned them in races against friends or other opponents. You’ll also get the chance to place up to 100 different elements.

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